Warm authentic connections

It is family, it is friends. 
It is warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.

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We love wine. We love making it. We love that wine brings people together and enhances the moment. Thoughtfulness, kindness and hospitality are central to our identity as Māori. We value people above all things, and in nurturing others, we uplift ourselves.

One of our core values, manaakitanga encapsulates care and respect for people and relationships, including the natural environment. It governs the way we interact with one another. An essential part of Māori culture is our desire to feed and nurture people. Sharing food is a traditional way of bringing people together. We demonstrate our love and respect for people by providing them with outstanding food and wine.  


Warm authentic connections, a truly great bottle of wine, fun times…



Our icon the power of four

Kono, drawn from unique traditions.


Kono is also our company name. We are a Māori food and drinks producer with a global focus. Our 'K' icon speaks of who we are, our rich legacy steeped in a culture that nourishes our land and people in sustainable ways.

At Kono, we have embarked on a journey of deep introspection to determine what being a good kaitiaki really means to us. We are guided by Te Pae Tawhiti – a 500 year plan for success. A compass that ensures we do what is right for people and place, and that manifests itself through ambitious intergenerational outcomes, core to which is our environment. To prosper, our environment must be well and healthy, full of life and vitality. 

This is not only because our moana and whenua deserve to be healthy in their own right, but also because the wellness of our people is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of our environment. Love for the land and respect for the sea must be ever present.

Kaitiakitanga is the value that directs our business and our relationship with our environment. It’s our hope that customers will come to understand our guiding principles and know that products crafted by Kono have at their core a deep and inextricable connection to place.

The junction between the natural and human world is celebrated in the lines of our icon. We are surrounded by lines. Undulating waves along a beach. Rows of carefully planted crops. The topography of our landscapes. Lines signify the relationship we have with the world around us. Layer upon layer, upon layer.  

Four is an auspicious number interlacing our icon. Kono emanates out to the four directions of the wind, a global offering from the lands and waters of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Four are the kinship groups of Ngāti Rārua, Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Koata and Ngāti Tama – the people of Wakatū, the families of Kono.

Referencing traditional art forms, the linear lines of our icon pay tribute to the whenu (strands) of fibre that are the basis of all mediums of weaving. The combined attributes of strength, durability, unity and flexibility are the hallmark of finely woven products. 

The carving patterns of kaokao (chevrons), niho taniwha (triangles) and hekeheke (lines) are integrated. The positive and negative space are akin to the grooves and notches (pākati and hae) found in elaborate works of carved art and these patterns invoke themes of courage, leadership, exploration, movement, protection, responsibility and care. 

All of these characteristics, qualities, and values infuse our icon, connecting Kono to the customs of ages past, the design practices of today, and our aspirations for the future.

Our icon speaks of who we are and what we hold to be important. We are a family business, a business of families.


Learn more about Kono at www.kono.co.nz